Daily Archives: November 2, 2016


All of us in Northwest Arkansas are excited for the changing of the season. We are lucky to live in an area that kicks off the season with glorious colors as the leaves change in the Ozarks. The temperature cools while football, tailgating and s’mores take center stage. The Fall family schedule has fallen into place. Personally I’ve learned to treasure the moments we get to share with family and friends. It seems that in the rush of everyday life we forget to stop and appreciate our world around us — our beautiful surroundings, our family and friends, and the activities and offerings NWA provides to us. We should truly be thankful for the opportunities in our area!

We are excited at Kid’s Directory of NWA to have also made some changes in ownership. This publication is well established in its second decade. It is the premier go-to-resource for all things family. Want to know where to take your kids when visiting our revived Downtown districts? Need fun options for weekend birthday celebrations? Want to learn more about non-profits and how your family can support the community in which we live? We want you to be able to turn to our Directory so your family can fully embrace what NWA has to offer!

So flip through our magazine and follow us on social media. We are gearing up to show you all of the opportunities our beloved Northwest Arkansas has to offer!

Enjoy our November issue — these businesses are thankful for you as customers and are ready to celebrate the holidays with your family!

-Amenda Lacy