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June 2017 Moms in Business Guide

Plunder Jewelry Designs

Plunder Designs offers a wide variety of vintage inspired jewelry at savvy chic pricing. One of our top selling pieces is our completely customizable Atlas! These can be made into necklaces, keychains, or bracelets. Find me on Facebook for custom examples and creative looks.

Facebook group: Becca’s Vintage Pretties VIPs

Website: www.plunderdesign.com/rebeccaemitt

Cell number to text or call : 479-738-7576


Ring Bomb Party

Do you like to party? Well thanks to Ring Bomb Party LLC now you can! Representing NWA as your new Ring Bomb Party consultant! My name is Chanell Ramos and I am excited to bring to you my new Facebook page Ring Bomb Social! Through my page you will see me go LIVE and reveal beautiful rings out of ring bombs. What is a ring bomb you ask? It looks like a bath bomb but without any fragrances or essential oils. I like to call them fizzy bombs. They are a fun way to reveal your ring LIVE and you haven’t even heard the best part! The rings are valued anywhere between $25 and $500!!! Want to hear better news? They only cost $14.95 + S/H! Each ring is worth more than what you pay for it! I also offer Kid bombs and party theme bombs! Want to host a home party? Great! You can find all this on my page Ring Bomb Social. But wait there’s more! Ring Bomb Party has a sister company called Glam Box LIVE. I am a merchandiser for that as well! Through my Glam Box Social page I will go LIVE and reveal beautiful on trend boutique jewelry for $8 a piece! So if you are looking for a fun way to buy beautiful jewelry and potentially reveal a ring worth $500 then look me up! Want to make this your career? I can help with that too. I will be building a team soon for this BRAND NEW COMPANY!

Chanell Ramos – Ring Bomb Party Independent Consultant and Glam Box LIVE Independent Merchandiser

Contact: ringbombsocial@gmail.com

Group Page: Chanell’s Ring Bomb Society

Business Pages: Ring Bomb Social and Glam Box Social


Sunny Skaggs Photography

Hello, I’m Sunny Skaggs, mom of three boys, wife to my super hero, a photographer with an eye for design, a perfectionist’s drive, and a love of people. I know that life is amazing and fleeting. Life is about experiences and relationships. I strive for more than a click of the shutter on a nice camera and file downloads because I know we will never walk past our hard drives and get swept away by nostalgia. Kids don’t shuffle past thumb drives in the junk drawer and feel compelled to crawl into our laps so we can tell them how life was forever changed when they entered the world. I want my clients to walk away with something to connect over, a daily reminder of how they are unique and why that is something to preserve and treasure.  Let’s creating something worth passing on, lets tell the story of you. Your life, your art. Lets start a collaboration!

Contact Information:

Phone: (479)358-6636

email: SunnySkaggsPhotography@gmail.com

website: sunnyskaggsphotography.com

“Photographing Personalities & Milestones in NWA”



Lularoe provides the most sizes, colors, and patterns in skirts, dresses, and leggings. Plus the quality can’t be beat.  Lularoe is most well-known for their buttery soft leggings. It may sound silly, but just touch them once and you’ll agree, they are truly buttery soft! With sizes from XXS-3XL (00-28+) we can find the perfect fit for you! To earn FREE clothing all you need is a mirror, some music, and good friends– LuLaRoe provides the rest.

Danielle Dye




Rodan + Fields

Anyone can achieve radiant, healthy-looking skin through our Multi-Med® Therapy, the right ingredients in the right formulations applied in the right order.

Contact: Karon Parrish

(870) 723-2904




Plexus is a health and wellness company with a line of products that are plant-based, non GMO and were created to heal the body from the inside out.  The products help by focusing on blood sugar regulation, inflammation, and overall gut health.  What could overall gut health do for you?  Lets discuss your health goal.

Teara Short

Ambassador #: 1354280

Telephone #: 479-685-2307

Email: Short_Stuff_Inc@yahoo.com


June 2017 Kid's Directory

It is officially summer, Northwest Arkansas! I love many things about the South but the summers have never been something I was fond of. Humidity, scorching heat, legs sticking to the car interior even with the air conditioner on full blast – none of these things look good on me. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to embrace and even love the good and not-so-good things that summer in the South bring, like messy popsicle mouths and watching the little ones chase the fireflies around the backyard.

We have so many amazing resources up in our little corner of the natural state that it would be a shame not to take advantage of them all. Summer camps abound in our community and we decided to highlight some incredible ones for you in our last summer camp issue of the year! So bookmark these pages and let us be your family’s go-to guide for adventurous, educational or just plain fun summer camps!

In addition to June being the kick off of summer, nestled within this month is a very special holiday: Father’s Day. I like to think that my dad and my husband are the best fathers in the world, but I know I’m being a bit biased! I want to take a moment to celebrate all the dads in Northwest Arkansas and let them know they are appreciated. Whether you are a dad by birth, adoption, marriage or surrogate we thank you for all you do to support your family each and every day.

Coming up in July is our normal back-to-school preview but we are also debuting a pet-guide because we can’t forget about the furry members of our families. This guide will include pet services, shops, grooming, boarding and so much more so keep an eye out for it! If you or someone you know has a pet-related business that you would like to see featured in the pet guide let us know by emailing addi@nwakidsdirectory.com.

Enjoy your summer adventures everyone and don’t forget the sunscreen!

From my family to yours,

Addi McNeel