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Kid's Directory August 2017 "Back to School"

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How can it be August? Didn’t summer just start? There’s no time like the present to enjoy the last days of summer fun before the school routine kicks in again.Be sure to check out our August event calendar to find out what’s going on all over the NWA region.
It’s a busy month and there are still camp opportunities and fun outdoor activities to take advantage of.Though it is bittersweet to see the kids go back to their daily business of education, in some ways it is grounding to pick up the daily routine and see the kids getting back into the swing of things. It’s also a great time of to get the kids signed up for lessons and training to fill the gaps, and see them progress towards goals. Seeing our children grow, learn and mature through the years is such a great blessing of parenthood. These years pass by so quickly.
There are also some phenomenal events going on in the sky above us in August! In mid-August, peaking on Aug. 12, is the Persieds meteor shower that occurs every year. Catching glimpses of small and big shooting stars has become a tradition in my family…and the kids enjoy a reason to stay up late.Then, on August 21, we get an opportunity to see a total solar eclipse! A total eclipse that can be seen throughout the United States is quite an event! I’m looking forward to all of our kids having memories of this solar spectacle.
Don’t forget to take those Back-to-School photos on their first day! Let’s all hope for a good school year filled with new memories, new friends and new learning that will follow them through the years of their lives.Take care and we’ll see you next month. Sincerely, Sherry Lotufo, Publisher/Editor Kid’s Directory NWA