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Like they say, “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” It’s becoming more and more evident that a healthy lifestyle, and being a proactive participant in you and your families health needs is important to our quality of life.
For this years Health and Wellness issue of Kid’s Directory NWA, we are spotlighting Bee Well Yoga. Allisson Butler-Kublanov and her team of professionals bring healthy living habits to families in our area. I asked Allisson for some advice for how families in our area could benefit from Yoga:
Why is it important for new moms to take time for Yoga?
Allisson: “Yoga is a great way for new moms to learn to take time for themselves. The focus on breath helps new moms to relax and rest. Who doesn’t need a little more rest when they have a newborn?”
What can a mom of a newborn do to relieve body stress, and rebound from pregnancy body?
Allisson: “First remember to rest, and remember that your body didn’t change in 2 weeks or 2 months. Eat as healthy as you can, move your body, and rest (see how I put that in twice?). Take some time for yourself everyday – whether that’s yoga, a walk, sitting with a cup of coffee or simply spending some time outside. Remember, doctor appointments and going to the grocery store don’t count as time for yourself.”
What is a good age to start kids with stretching and yoga and what are the benefits?
Allisson: “Kids as early as 2 or 3 can benefit from the practice of yoga. Moving your body, learning how to express emotions, feeling how you breath when you are angry or happy, learning to sit still – those are all things that kids and adults can learn from a yoga practice.”
What do you recommend for dad?
Allisson: “Yoga with mom. Lots of couples come to our candlelight classes. Why not make it a date night? Dads can come to yoga too – the benefits of relaxation, stress reduction, flexibility and strength are not limited to women. We even have couples memberships so you can both come to yoga – together or on your own.”
Thanks for the tips, Allisson! Besides yoga, there are other considerations, that when combined, make for a wonderful start to a healthy lifestyle.
Eating and preparing good food, an active lifestyle combined with family time, and staying connected to your family with daily conversation and spending quality time together. Couple these concepts with a network of doctors and dentists, that you trust, is a great way to feel confident in the direction of your families wellbeing. Please check out our list of health providers, and rest assured, that you will be getting the best care available in NWA. Happy September to each of you.

Sherry Lotufo

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