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The mission of EOA Children’s House is “Stopping Child Abuse. Saving Lives.” We accomplish this mission by providing a safe, secure place for children to overcome the devastating effects of abuse and neglect, regardless of social or economic background. EOA Children’s House is a friendly, home-like environment, providing assessment, early childhood development services, education services and therapy, at no cost and in one location, sparing the child from going to multiple sites in order to provide for their educational, developmental, psychological and social needs. Of equal importance, families and caregivers also learn skills to strengthen their ability to nurture, raise, and educate their children. Economic Opportunity Agency, Inc. (www.eoawc.org) created EOA Children’s House in 1978 and serves as the parent company to the center.

Our address

2577 N. Lowell Rd. P.O. Box 1495 Springdale, AR 72765
36.2072156, -94.133331768862

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