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The Northwest Arkansas Arts Foundation, founded in November of 2011, has a mission to enhance lives through performing arts.

The NWA Arts Foundation (NWAAF) is a newly formed non-profit (501c3 pending at time of this publication) whose mission is to enhance lives through performing arts.  We aren’t limited to just your “everyday” set of arts!  Our mission focuses on several main areas:

  • Movement (dance, yoga, pilates, martial arts, etc)
  • Music (instrumental and vocal)
  • Film & Theater (recorded and live)
  • Fashion & Technical (costuming, lighting, sound, stage craft, prop creation, management, etc)
  • Culinary (food, drink, and the skills behind edible creations)

Our address

PO Box 7191 Springdale, AR 72766
36.19, -94.13

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