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Prism Education Center is committed to developing children of knowledge, insight, integrity and wisdom. Our programs include after school care, a private school for Kindergarten-11th grade, an early childhood program for ages 6 weeks-5 years and a summer program for Kindergarten-6th grade.

The philosophy of Prism Education Center’s educational programs is firmly grounded in the belief that our responsibility as educators is not limited to simply filling our students’ minds with intellectual knowledge, but to developing our students into well-rounded students of knowledge, integrity, insight and wisdom. While the academic aspects of our program are robust and grounded in research, intellectual development is not the sole goal of child development. The educational program of Prism Education Center reflects our commitment to develop children intellectually, socially, and physically, as well as our commitment to prepare our students to interface with their community and the global context students will encounter.

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2190 South Razorback Rd Fayetteville, AR 72701
36.040496, -94.1839817

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