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The Pineapple Tree Dance Company is a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization made up of beautiful, talented local dancers, set on stage by some of the best and most loved choreographers in the area. Our members are leaders in the Northwest Arkansas dance community, and our focus is creating beautiful productions for the community, offering an escape from the every day, that anyone may enjoy. Our work is charitable and on a volunteer basis.

The choreographers of The Pineapple Tree Dance Company have been hand selected based on their desire to create beautiful art in motion for the Northwest Arkansas community. They are diverse in their backgrounds yet their interests are aligned in cultivating unique, elegant, delightful, eclectic, and memorable art that anyone can enjoy.

Our name is intended to bring to mind feelings of warm welcome and lighthearted flights of fancy. The symbol of the Pineapple is one of genuine welcome, and we think the history of the fruit makes it the perfect icon for a diverse contemporary ballet company developing rich, wonderful and delightful moments for audiences in Northwest Arkansas.

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Springdale, AR

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