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May 2016 Moms-in-Business Guide sponsored by Bethany Opp Web Studio

We had a BLAST at Champions for Kids RazorFest! Not only did we have gorgeous weather, but watching kids as young as two and several brave adults (including our own Katinka Sweet) ride the mechanical hog provided by 16:9 Entertainment was family fun at its best! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to ride the hog, register for our giveaway to see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at Walton Arts Center and share about the fun you were having with your family. It was a picture perfect day!

Now our focus shifts to one of the most important people in our lives. MOM. Much has been said, sung and written about mothers but we choose to honor them with this special issue dedicated to some especially over-achieving ones aka mom entrepreneurs. Please check out the Moms-In-Business Guide sponsored by Bethany Opp Web Studio beginning on page 36. Bethany offers responsive web design, WordPress training, site management and client support to small business owners and teams. See her ad on page 7 for one month of FREE maintenance and client support! Contact her at 530.921.3807 or to learn more about her services. Let’s help show all these moms how much they’re appreciated by inquiring about their services or referring them to a friend.

As a mom, if you’ve ever questioned how you can manage raising kids in the midst of what seems like constant chaos (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), Allie Casazza shares an insightful blog post, “How to Be a More Present Mom: Living on purpose in the middle of the chaos on our website this month. Allie says, “Here’s the thing – chaos isn’t going anywhere unless you tell it to. So if you’re tired of living every day in survival mode, tired of being tired, and feeling totally overwhelmed, here are my very best tips for a mom life well lived.” Visit our website at for the complete article.

To all NWA mothers, whether you’ve come by that name naturally, through adoption or fostering or by acting as surrogate mom, we wish you a blessed Mother’s Day!