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January 2016 Non-Profit Spotlight brought to you by Arkansas Virtual Academy

Happy 2016!

A new year usually brings to mind one thing…new year’s resolutions. For us at Kid’s Directory, we approach the new year a bit differently. It’s our opportunity to salute the organizations who resolve to make a difference all year. These non-profit agencies fight tirelessly for their cause usually with very small budgets. This special issue dedicated to non-profits is our way of saying THANK YOU and recognizing their efforts. Please take a moment to learn more about the work they’re doing in the spotlight feature on pages 34-41. You may find one that provides a service you need or prompts you to give back.

We also offer sincere thanks to Arkansas Virtual Academy for sponsoring this issue. ARVA is a publicly-funded online charter school that provides an education that meets or exceeds state standards using the world-class K¹² curriculum and allows you to be an active participant in your child’s education. ARVA families receive a complete set of curriculum, lesson planning programs, books and instructional materials, the use of a computer for qualifying students, subsidized Internet access for qualifying students, and the guidance of a highly-qualified, licensed teacher. Visit their website at or call 866.339.4951 for more information.

One final thank you goes to The Billings Family for allowing us to photograph Piper Josie for the cover. Her joy and love are contagious. And that smile! It melts your heart every time. We first learned about Piper from Sunshine School & Development Center where she is a student. Their services encompass programs for disabled to “typically developing” individuals through special education, therapy (physical, speech, occupational & outpatient), preschool enrichment and after school care. Learn more at or 636.3190.

If you are expecting a little one or have one or two already, you’ll want to pick up our Baby Guide coming in February brought to you by Harvey Pediatrics! It’s the perfect resource for any parent, grandparent, or child care provider of newborns to preschoolers.

We’re thrilled to share another year with you! Thanks NWA!